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Social Service of Catholic Women e.V.

Pregnant Women

Counseling center for women, families and pregnant women

Pregnancy counseling

A pregnant woman has many questions.

We have answers.

Our consultations do not cost any money.

Family counselingFamily counseling are confidential.

Confidential means:

We do not tell other people

what you discuss with us.

We give counsel to all people who have questions about pregnancy.

And have any questions about birth.

For example:

  • peopleTo people regardless of which country you are from.

  • No matter what faith you have.

  • No matter what kind of disability you have.

You do not have to say your name during counseling.

In official language that means:

You are anonymous.

We advise you, for example:

  • CounsellingCounselling about pregnancy.

  • For questions regarding birth.

  • For questions regarding the health of mother and baby.

  • For questions regarding the prevention of pregnancy.

  • For questions regarding medical examinations of your baby before birth

  • After an abortion.

  • After separation from the partner.

Pregnant WomenWe offer for example:

Advice for Pregnant Women

  • alone,

  • with the partner,

  • with the family,

  • Girlfriend or boyfriendWith a friend - other reference persons for example:

    Caregiver or caregivers,

    Girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Advice for research on baby before birth.

We give you information on the subject:

How to get money

Learn more about other forms of aid:

For example:

  • If you have little money:

    Where to get money?


Learn about the law


For example:

  • What rights do pregnant women have?

  • What rights do parents have?

  • What rights have mothers have?

  • What rights do fathers have?

Learn more about

  • moneyParental money,

  • Welfare:
    Welfare is money to live on,

  • Unemployment benefits 1, the abbreviation is: ALG I

  • Unemployment benefit 2, the abbreviation is: ALG II

Information about the application to the Federal Foundation Mother and Child.

The Federal Foundation helps pregnant women, who have little money.


Online counseling:

  • Advice by email for simple questions.


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