Mediation is a conversation because of dispute or issues.

These are things Mediation can be good for:

  • When people live together, they must arrange for rules.

  • If you argue and find a solution.

  • If you know the solution is more important than the question:
    How did the dispute come about?

WomanYou are supported from the outside.

The supporter is a trained mediator.

The mediator helps you to arrange rules.

Everyone must follow these rules.

The mediator will help you find solutions for your dispute.

The solutions should be good for all.

The mediator decides nothing.

What is being done at a mediation?

  1. RulesContending people are prepared for the mediation.
    You get information about mediation.
    All agree on rules for the talks.
    All agree on how many meetings should take place.
    And what the mediation costs.

  1. Together you try and find a solution
    What things do you want to settle in mediation?

  1. All persons consider carefully:
    What is important to me? What do I want? Why do I want it?
    This may help to better understand each other.

  1. woman has questionWomen develop ideas all together:
    What can be changed. All ideas are collected.
    Check the ideas. You need not decide anything yet.

  1. You deliberate: Which of the ideas do you want to try. Sometimes the first is a solution to start with.

  2. You agree exactly: That's how we want to do it.

How long does a mediation take?

clockMostly there are several meetings necessary to find a solution.

Each meeting lasts one hour.

Sometimes you need 3 meetings.

Sometimes even 10.

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